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Shaking up the Truffle world

Our love for truffles goes way back, just like we do. Hi there! We’re delighted you’ve found us and we can’t wait to share our Truffle world with you. If you don’t know us already, we’re Rikki and Jordan, and we’re the Truffle Guys. We met while working together over 15 years ago and, as all great tales of friendship start, became firm friends over our love of food.

And so, the story goes...

Two friends. One lightbulb moment. A lot, and we mean a lot, of truffles.

Rikki had been working in the hospitality sector for years, becoming one of the UK’s go-to product suppliers for hotels, bars & restaurants. Jordan, meanwhile, had been traversing the globe, based for a long time in Dubai, working in events & marketing for all kinds of global brands.

When Jordan came back to London in 2018 for a visit, we got together to catch up. Which means we ate all the food and drank all the wine. There was one topic we couldn’t quite drop. Both devout lovers of truffles, we couldn’t believe how hard it was to get good quality truffle products.

So, we asked around, could anyone recommend a good truffle brand? Where can we get some of the good stuff? Most would say something like, “I’m not sure, I bought my truffle oil from a farm shop,” or, “a friend gave it to me.”

Turns out most people didn’t know the brand of truffle products they had or where they even got them from. Even if they were good, they’d struggle to find them and be able to buy them again.

DING. A lightbulb goes off in our heads – people need a truffle brand to love. One they know isn’t going to shy away from bringing those big, bold and velvety truffle flavours to the table (literally). One they can trust.

So, we set about doing our research (here’s the bit where A LOT of truffles got involved). And we quickly realised that although hundreds of truffle products were on the market, most were lack-lustre in their taste and hard on the wallet. Surely things didn’t have to be this hard.

DING, DING We knew that if we were having these problems, so would others out there. People these days are all about the food. They’re all about quality ingredients and punchy flavours. About making meals at home that are as memorable as they are delicious - be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

And so Truffle Guys was born.

Truffles for all!

Richness without the price tag.

For us, Truffle Guys has always been about making truffles attainable for everyone. No more shall they be bound by the chains of fine dining restaurants, fancy feasts, or ridiculous price tags.

Our focus is on getting the luxuriousness of truffles into every Tom, Dick, and Harriet’s home kitchens - sharing simple truffle hacks to jazz up that pizza delivery or add that little bit of something special to homemade chips, pasta, or those mushrooms on toast for brekky.

It’s about inspiring people to make their own truffle moments, and share them with the gang.

The question is, what is your truffle moment?

Every day we’re Truffling

Truffle Guys is not about exclusivity. We’re long-time friends, and love meeting fellow truffle lovers.

We’re here to shake things up and for us that means experimenting and breathing new life into the truffle game by creating some incredible combinations that in our opinion, just work.

It all starts with our carefully selected suppliers who we work with across Europe. Once we’ve sourced the best of the best we bring them back to our London Truffle Factory (actual heaven) and get busy creating new products. We personally taste everything and tweak it until it is perfect.

We’re often asked what are some of our favourites. That would be like picking a favorite child! But since we’re among friends we know that’s ok (plus everyone definitely has a favourite). For us it’s our Gourmet Black Truffle Honey, Incredibly Addictive White Truffle Hot Sauce, Ultimate Truffle Mayo, and our Signature Truffle Dust.

We really are good to you as not only do we taste everything but we also set to work on recipes for you to show how they can work in your kitchen. Recipes like our Truffle Burrata Toasts, Ultimate Truffle Cheeseburger, and Double Truffle BBQ’d Portobello Mushrooms.

We really do have the best job in the world!
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