Truffle Guys started as two friends with a mutual love of good food, especially the distinct flavour of truffles. So, with the passion instilled in them by their shared love of truffles and an ambition to make a change, Truffle Guys wanted to make a difference in the culinary world. They wanted to make sure that every truffle dish was an explosion of taste, and banish this idea that to taste something exquisite, you have to live a certain lifestyle. In short, they wanted to shake up the tired world of truffles and democratise the whole truffle experience.


Truffle Guys consist of Jordan, a seasoned traveller and marketing expert, and Rikki, one of the UK’s most recognised suppliers of products to the hospitality sector. As two young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on an exclusive industry, they had big plans. “After some research, we saw there were hundreds of truffle products on the market, but most were weak-tasting or too expensive for the customer” say co-founders, Rikki and Jordan. “This needed to change, which is why we created Truffle Guys. A consumer-friendly brand that people can recognise and trust.”


During a trip to London in early 2018, the pair decided enough was enough; this love for truffles couldn’t go to waste. But how could they open up the exclusive luxury food market to a wider audience? By bringing a product deemed as a luxury item into the homes of everyday foodies. Their range of incredibly tasty and distinct flavoured range of products can be used at home in a variety of exciting ways, mixing traditional truffle uses with some more adventurous recipes too. No longer should truffles have the instant association of being ‘too expensive’ or be thought of as hard to come by. The two Truffle Guys don’t agree with it and never will.
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