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Over the years we have worked tirelessly to develop a range of truffle based condiments that we are proud of. To make the cut, our range of truffle guys products must WOW us before we even let them have a chance at WOWing you! We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Signature Truffle Dust 65g
All hail the Signature Truffle Dust, a true truffle phenomenon. This shakeable little flavour rocket really packs a punch and once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to put it down.  🌍 Made with Italian Black Truffle 🔥 Versatile...
Ultimate Truffle Mayo - 190g
Make way for the Mayo King, guaranteed to rise in the ranks of your condiment collection. Our Ultimate Truffle Mayo is lovingly crafted using only the highest quality European black truffles (known as Tuber Aestivum if you want to impress...
Incredibly Addictive White Truffle Hot Sauce 100ml
Calling all fiery friends, this lip-tingling truffle sensation is one for you! Our Truffle Hot Sauce needs no explanation, the combo is on fire. With a 3/5 on the spice scale, the smokey Cayenne Chilli Peppers bring the addictive heat,...
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Royal Truffle Ketchup 200g
A real game-changer, our Truffle Ketchup simply oozes class whilst your taste buds savour the oaky taste. Its incredibly rich depth of flavour comes from the superior quality black truffles, expertly blended through tomato ketchup. Think you’ve known good ketchup...
Special Edition Truffle BBQ Sauce - 260g
OH MY! That was our reaction when we first tried the final version of this bottle of epic’ness! The thick textured sauce with a deep sweetness and long lasting smokey notes, combined with the earthiness of Black Truffle make this...
White Truffle Oil - 200ml
Our showstopping White Truffle Oil (made with Tuber Borchii for any Trivial Pursuit players out there) is quite frankly an angelic addition to any kitchen. The subtlety of the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, combined with the earthiness of white truffle is...
White Truffle & Sea Salt Crisps 90g
The Ultimate snack! Introducing our White Truffle & Sea Salt Crisps. Crisp connoisseurs, this one's for you!  🌍 Made with Italian White Truffle ✅ Palm Oil Free 🤤 90g Sharing bag 🔥 Incredibly Moorish
4 Pack - White Truffle & Sea Salt Crisps 90g
The Ultimate snack! Introducing our White Truffle & Sea Salt Crisps. Crisp connoisseurs, this one's for you!  🌍 Made with Italian White Truffle ✅ Palm Oil Free 🤤 90g Sharing bag 🔥 Incredibly Moorish
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Seriously Good Truffle Balsamic Glaze 250g
This tantalising glaze gives your taste buds a real awakening. Full of flavour, our beautifully crisp Truffle Balsamic Glaze is made using the finest balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. We have delicately infused with just the right amount of white...
Pink Himalayan Summer Truffle Salt with Grinder 100g
Our Pink Himalayan Salt has been expertly crafted with dried Summer truffles to create a delicate to taste and pleasure to smell table salt. Plus it is beautiful to look at… what more do you want? Equipped with a solid,...
Condiment Trio - Ultimate Truffle Mayo 190g + Signature Truffle Dust 65g + White Truffle Oil 200ml
Good things come in threes! If you love Truffle then why not grab yourself our 'Triple Trouble' trio collection of our best sellers! Signature Truffle Dust: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, please allow us to introduce to you all… our...
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Luxury Truffle Slices 40g
We spy a myth buster, and it comes in the (slightly odd) shape of our Luxury Truffle Slices. If you thought of truffle as a fine-dining restaurant rarity, think again. You no longer have to fork out for these earthy...
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Gourmet Truffle Honey 90g
Yes sure honey is great.... but have you ever tried TRUFFLE HONEY! With the use of the purest Acacia Honey we could get our hands on, we have expertly blended European Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum) to create our Gourmet Black Truffle Honey....
Gourmet Truffle Mustard 190g
This flavour punch will knock you for six, but it is worth the fall! Not a mustard fan? This will convert you. Using an authentic Dijon mustard as a base, we have jazzed up the mix by adding both sweetness...
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Truffle Guys Signature Selection Box
We understand how difficult it must be to land on a website like ours and choose only one or two items to try.... well now you don't have to! We have created a gift box like no other, filled with...
Truffle Guys Favourites Box
Introducing the Truffle Guys Favourites! A selection of Rikki & Jordan's favourite products!  This gift box includes our 200ml White Truffle Oil, 190g Ultimate Truffle Mayo & Gourmet Black Truffle Honey Complete with a luxury branded display gift box, this...
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