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Fresh Truffles

At Truffle Guys, we passionately believe that fresh truffles should not be reserved only for the elite Michelin Star chefs and should be enjoyed by all. Our range of truffle condiments bring excellence to home cooking, but with the inclusion of fresh truffles, you can level up your cooking skills even more.

Whether it is a fresh White Summer Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico or Tuber Borchii) or a fresh Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum or Tuber Aestium Vitt), fresh truffles are seasonal and should only be extracted from the ground at certain times or you risk damaging the truffle or extracting one which is under-developed.

Located in the UK, we are not fortunate enough to be able to locally source all the varieties of these dining gems. However, we have partnered up with some of the most recognised and reputable fresh truffle suppliers in Europe and the rest of the World.

We have strong relationships with suppliers across the Globe from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria to as far as Australia. Having these relationships in place is imperative to us as it provides the opportunity to source beautiful fresh truffles from various climates and alternate Summer & Winter seasons too.

Please appreciate that seasons and demand heavily dictate the price of fresh truffles on a weekly basis. Therefore, we are unable to provide accurate pricing online. If you are interested in purchasing fresh truffles for a special dining occasion or even for some fun home cooking, then please get in touch and one of our trusted specialists will be in touch with the up-to-date pricing and delivery details.

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