Bottling & Allergies | Truffle Guys UK
Truffles are a delicacy and delicate attention should always be taken when handling truffles. Let’s not hide the facts here, truffles are essentially a mushroom which grows in the ground. Simply put, fungus in mud. 
There are many germs and bacteria’s present when that beautiful truffle is extracted from the ground and they must be washed and all dirt removed thoroughly before consumption. It’s for this reason that we never advise anyone to try and make their own truffle condiments. Take Truffle Oil for example; We do not recommend making Truffle Oil by infusing fresh truffles in Oil.  This is not safe, as truffles are low acid foods, oil made in this way is susceptible to clostridium, the bacteria that can cause the botulism toxin.
All of the Truffle Guys products were initially created and prepared for the consumers in a cleansed UK distribution and product manufacturing site with a SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) certification following very strict and thorough guidelines at all times by a UK based trusted partner company. The produce was then sent onto a secondary location to be bottled and labelled by our team. The bottling process takes place in a boutique kitchen with fully sterilised tools and is carried out by members of the Truffle Guys team. Please note, although a very careful and stringent approach has been adopted at all times, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any traces of nuts. If you have any allergies, we recommend you do not consume any of the Truffle Guys products.
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