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Sourced from truffle hot spots around Europe, we are proud to offer Grade A Fresh Truffles to our customers.

We source our Fresh Truffles from around Central Europe as some of the best conditions for the maturity of truffles can be found in these regions. Spain, Italy and France for example offer a perfect composition of enough sun, sufficient water and not too much frost without chemicals and additives which ensures magnificent specimens full of both taste and aroma.

We are very fortunate to be able to work with families within these regions that have been passionately collecting truffles for many generations. The collectors not only pay attention to the coveted mushrooms, but also to the fact that the trees are healthy and the soil remains free of additives.

TOP TIP: Freshly shave these incredible little beauties over pasta, pizza or risotto whilst kissing your fingers and saying aloud Maammmma Miaaaa (in a very strong Italian Accent) to really feel on top of your game.

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