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The ULTIMATE Condiment Trio! A selection of our best selling products.

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Truffle Guys are on a mission to make Truffles attainable to all! With this discovery pack you will have all the ingredients to transform any dish into a truffle masterpiece.

Condiment Trio Gift Box

£31.95 £25.45

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Good things come in threes! If you love Truffle then why not grab yourself our 'Triple Trouble' trio collection of our customers favourite condiments!

What's included:
👉 Ultimate Truffle Mayo - 190g
👉 Gourmet Truffle Mustard - 190g
👉 Royal Truffle Ketchup - 220g
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Why thousands of people love our Truffle Condiments

  • Expertly blended with real black truffle
  • Over 500+ 5 star reviews
  • Made with some of europe finest truffle
  • Endorsed by 100+ Celebs
  • As seen in the Times, BBC Good Food, Delicious Magazine and Many More
  • Upgrade your next dish into a Truffle Masterpiece.

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