Condiment Duo - Ultimate Truffle Mayo 180g + Royal Truffle Ketchup 200g

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Our 'Saucy Duo' includes two of our most popular and recognised products. The perfect way for anyone to see what all the fuss is about!

Ultimate Truffle Mayo: Make way for the Mayo King, guaranteed to rise in the ranks of your condiment collection. Our Ultimate Truffle Mayo is lovingly crafted using only the highest quality European black truffles (known as Tuber Aestivum if you want to impress your friends) and cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Sensationally smooth & captivatingly creamy, if there’s one thing you need to stock your cupboards with it’s this. Whether you’re in the mood for dipping a chip, slathering a sarnie, or saucing up a burger, make sure you do it with the Ultimate Truffle Mayo, you’ll thank us later.

Could it be described as perfection? We sure think so. 

Royal Truffle Ketchup: A real game-changer, our Truffle Ketchup simply oozes class whilst your taste buds savour the oaky taste. Its incredibly rich depth of flavour comes from the superior quality black truffles, expertly blended through tomato ketchup. Think you’ve known good ketchup before now? Think again. This is one culinary experience you’ll never forget.

Could it be described as perfect? We sure think so.

 Shelf Life: 6-12 Months

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Condiment Duo - Ultimate Truffle Mayo 180g + Royal Truffle Ketchup 200g
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